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Using only a browser, you can view your e-mail using Webmail from anywhere in the world.

You can assign multiple e-mail addresses to each mailbox. If you add additional addresses to your mailbox, these addresses are called aliases. The amount of aliases is unlimited. Your Mail package also contains a "catch-all" mailbox. E-mails that cannot be delivered to any of your mailboxes, because the e-mail was sent to an unknown user (e.g., will be delivered to this mailbox. This way, you will never loose any information.

All of Tek3 hosting packages include mailboxes that vary depending upon the product purchased. Tek3 also provides mail for users that are looking for mailboxes only and that do not need webspace for their website.

SPAM Filtering

Tek3 now offers the option of full protection of your mailboxes with an advanced anti-spam filter. Each mail is checked against a global public database of known spam messages. This database is updated in real time with new spam mails. In addition Tek3 will virus and content filtering your mail.

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