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Customer Support - FAQs

General FAQ

How long has Tek3 been in business?
Tek3 was founded in 2003 by current President, Tom Schulze.

Is Tek3 privately owned?
Yes. Tek3 is privately owned and operated.

What are Tek3 hours of operation?
Tek3 is open between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST on weekdays with the
exception of major holidays. However, we offer emergency services 24/7.

What types of clients does Tek3 serve?
Our clients range from 1 employee companies to the Fortune 100 and everything in between.

What is Tek3 service area?
Tek3 main area of service is the entire Southern State of Wisconsin
.  Tek3 also provides services to client locations throughout the United States and the world.

Does Tek3 sell hardware and software?
No. However we provide recomendations.
We represent hundreds of manufacturers and are only concerned with finding you the best value on all hardware and software. We look at hardware sales as a convenience service to our clients and don't mark items up to turn a profit. We aren't tied to any one brand or manufacturer - we recommend what's right for you.

What platforms does Tek3 support?
We support all Linux, Microsoft and Macintosh platforms.

Does Tek3 offer programming services?
No, but we have many stratigic partners whom we would be happy to recomend to you.

Service Questions

Does Tek3 Offer Support Contracts?
Yes. Tek3 offers a range of Support Contracts ranging from block time, scheduled support and remote support.

How quickly will I get a response to a service call?
Tek3 guarantees a four-hour emergency response time for all of our contracted customers.  Tek3 will make their best efforts to help out everyone with emergencies but there is no guaranteed level of service for non-contracted customers.

Are there on-site minimums for service?
Yes. On-site minimums vary depending upon the agreement but the standard scheduled service arrangement is a 1-hour on-site minimum. Phone service and remote support are subject to a 15 minute minimum.

Can I contact my engineer directly?
Yes. Building reliable personal relationships is what this business is all about.

What number do I call for standard or emergency support?
Our number is 414.899.3776 and is available during both normal business hours and for after-hours emergency support.

Is phone support billable?
Yes. The theory behind our phone support is that you only pay for service when you need it. In keeping with this philosophy, we bill in 15 minute increments for our service whether on site or by phone. You are never charged an hourly minimum for phone support.

What are considered "standard" service hours?
Our business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST on weekdays except for major holidays.

Does remote network monitoring put my data at risk?
No. Remote monitoring does not, in any way, allow us access to your data files. Nor does it open your network up to attack from the outside world.

Is the remote network monitoring service really 24/7?
Yes. The service runs all day, every day. When there is a problem with your network, our staff is alerted in the office during normal business hours. If a problem occurs after hours, our engineering staff will be alerted at the start of the next business day.

What goes into preventative maintenance?
Our engineers follow a comprehensive system of rotating maintenance (yearly, quarterly, and monthly) that assures that your network is getting patched, updated, and reviewed frequently.


Internet FAQ 

What is a secure server?
A secure server provides secure data communications between itself and the browser through the use of encryption.

Do I need a secure server?
Secure servers should be used when a high degree of data security is required, such as when transmitting credit card information.

How can I tell that I have a secure connection?
Some browsers will display a small image of a lock to indicate a secure connection.

What about free Web Hosting?
Free web hosting packages usually are very limited in performance, service and flexibility. Additionally, your website will be required to display advertising banners.

How do I choose a Web Host?
Web hosts offer different packages and features. It is important to choose a web host that fits the needs of your company and also allows room for growth.

Do I need to purchase a domain name for my company?
We strongly recommend acquiring a unique domain name for your company. If you should have to move your website in the future, this will make the transition much smoother.

What is a DNS?
A DNS (domain name system) is a series of servers used to store ip addresses of domain names.

What is an IP address?
A numeric code which provides a unique identifier for a computer on the internet. The code takes the form of four numbers separated by periods.

What is a Name Server?
Name servers are part of a DNS (domain name system) which translate domain names into their IP address equivalents.

What is Spam?
Spam is unwanted and unsolicited commercial messages, often distributed in email. It can take other forms, such as postings on message boards.

Why does my web page look different on other computers?
There are many variables that determine the appearance of a given web page. These include monitor resolution, color capability, type and version of browser and the particular option settings of the user. Web sites should be designed to accommodate as many different configurations as possible.

What is cache?
To speed processing, data may be stored locally in temporary files. That way browsers needn't download the same data on the next visit to a site. A common example is the caching of images.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small files on your hard disk that websites use to store user preferences. They can only be used to store information.

Why would I want server side programs?
Programs running on the server can gather information from the user making web pages fully interactive. Additionally, server programs can access databases and perform a many complex tasks impossible with straight html.

What is FTP?
File transfer protocol. It is an agreed upon method of sending data across a network.

How do I FTP files?
There are many freeware, shareware and commercial packages which you can use as the client for FTP transfers.

How do I publish my website?
Your webhost will normally provide instructions on publishing your site. In the simplest case, you will just FTP html files to your host directory.

What is an ISP?
ISP, or Internet Service Provider, is any company that provides a connection to the internet.

What is POP3?
Post Office Protocol version 3 - POP3 is software which effectively emulates a post office box. Incoming mail is stored there until it is read. Web hosts often provide a number of POP3 accounts which allow customers to set up various email addresses on their site.

What is SMTP?
Simple Mail Transport Protocol - communication software used when transferring messages to other users. Outgoing mail is typically handled by an SMTP server.

What is IMAP?
Internet Message Access Protocol - software similar in function and purpose to POP3. Software for accessing mail that has been sent to you.